About Mr Wentworth

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and went to public schools in Boston as well as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I then spent the balance of grammar school, junior high and high school in Millburn, New Jersey. I went on to graduate from Michigan State University with a BA in Business. After a hitch in the Army and a year working for the government, I attended and graduated from the Ohio State University with a Juris Doctor Degree in Law. As an Army Officer I was given a Secret clearance and Top Secret clearance. After graduation from law school I went to work for the Franklin County Prosecutor (Columbus, Ohio) as a trial lawyer in the Criminal and Civil Division.
Mr. Wentworth — Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV
I tried an array of felony cases ranging from homicides, rapes, robberies, thefts, drunken driving cases, criminal nonsupport of children. After a couple of years I left there to work in a small law firm wherein I was the chief trial lawyer for the firm. After a couple of years there I set my own firm up and have been engaged in Private practice from around 1974 to the present date. After being a lawyer in Ohio for 27 years I moved to Nevada and have been engaged in my own law firm since 1996. While in Ohio I served on the admissions and the ethics committee for the Columbus Bar Association.
Pen and Paper — Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV
Here in Nevada, I taught criminal law and criminal procedure to the Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy for several years as a volunteer teacher for the Cadet Classes. While I have been engaged in private practice in Nevada I have represented an array of defendants in a wide variety of criminal cases ranging from murder, assaults rapes burglaries, and robberies and many others.

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